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Namibia is one of the least crowded places in the world, making it an ideal location if you’re looking for peace and tranquillity. With over 40% of the country under conservative management, it’s no surprise the wildlife is abundant and is home to the world’s largest population of free-roaming cheetahs!

It’s also home to the world’s oldest desert, Namibia Desert and the world’s largest underground lake located in Dragon’s Breath Cave. So why not book a Namibia 3 day tour to explore these amazing natural world wonders! Its natural beauty means it’s a perfect destination to take part in your own Namibia safari.

One of the main reasons people visit Namibia is to get off the beaten path, explore the dramatic scenery, interact with local people and enjoy their unique customs, especially their beer. Yes Namibia is famous for its high standards of brewing beer. Any country that is so passionate about beer must be worth a visit! A Namibia 3 day tour or Namibia hiking tours are one of the best ideas to experience this amazing destination.