Trips to West of Addis/ West Ethiopia 2 days

The Menagesh Suba Forest

35 km, 1 hour
is densely forested environment. It is sanctuary for several endemic birds and animals such as the Abyssinan Catbird and Menelik Bushbuck.

Addis Alem town

55 km, 2 hours
Founded by Menelik II as its capital before he moved back to Addis Ababa, is famous town for the church of Debre Zion St. Marry church. That was according to Minnleki’s plan of replacing Axum Zion church instead The central showan went to Axum north Ethiopia for the festivity of Zion November 30.

Ambo town lies 150 km west of Addis and Ambo mineral water factory, thermal bath give relief in the way to Wenchi mountain or to further west.

Wenchi Crater lake

137 km, 4 hours
The 560 hectare lake on the summit of Wenchi mountain can be accessed via two directions via Ambo or via Weliso after hiking sport over the 3280 meter altitude. St. Cherkos Monastery on the mountain, hot springs on the rim of caldera are places to visit.

This is equidistant from Addis Ababa on both but the way via Ambo has the advantage of visiting Ambo town (126 km). The first very popular Ambo mineral water is bottled here.

Coffee growing regions of west Ethiopia

Wellega, Jimma, Nekempte and Kaffa are the principal towns producing coffee wild and in farms. How many of us know the word coffee comes from Kaffa west Ethiopian region known for coffee and a shepherd called kaldi explored coffee leaves as his goat stimulated by it long time ago? Then western world labeled its name coffee Arabica and it become a name for coffee beans of Africa.

Adventure trips in Gambella region and its wildlife reserve

Gambella is a border town of Ethiopian closer to Sudan. It is very arid, dry and inhospitable in some cases, the Omo river bridge length and the wildlife diversity of Gambella and the coffee plantations, forests and bird life are spectacular here.

Mostly we have a tour package there after visiting Jimma town. Jimma is a half a day trip from Addis and the birth place of Abajifar. He was a well known father/ ruler of Jimma and loyal to the central kingdom of Shewa. The coffee pot statute, swimming pool and palace and tomb of Abajifar are main attractions in Jimma town. Jake is American promoting the coffee farms in Jimma and a lot to take pictures and help farmers. If you want to volounteer with him meet at

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  • Petrol
  • Boat rides as per itinerary
  • English speaking driver/ guide
  • Park/ museum entrance fees
  • Accommodation according to the chosen level

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Country: Ethiopia

Start city: Addis Ababa

Nearest airport: Addis Ababa Bole International Airport

Duration: 2 days

Available for: Students,Adults,Seniors

Guide speaks: English
* Other languages possible on request

  • Wenchi Crater
  • Wenchi Lake
  • Coffee farms
  • Gambela Park
  • Wildlife
  • Kaffa
  • Debre Zion

Our clients say:

I booked a private guide for my vist at the churches in Lalibela and tours to Asheton Maryam Monastry and to Yemrehanna Krestos Church and it was really great! The native guide was perfect in both, educated as a tourist guide and also showing me his culture, country and religion! All the entrance fees, car and Bajaja fares have been included and the guide was always intime and very ambitious to show and explain all the point of interest to me! In my opinion a tour guide is a huge benefit for visitors because the churches are not singnposted at all and you won`t understand most of the meanings, hidden subjects and details without one. At least an appeal: please respect that this places are not a museum but holy places for the people! You also won`t go to Vatikan in shorts and tanktop! Pants, longsleeve and hiking boots are also more functionell because of the sun and the stony pathes!
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