Trips to East of Addis /East of Ethiopia 2 days

Nazreth / Sodere spa bath

(99 Km, 2 hrs) A fast growing commercial city is mostley chosen for a weekend trip pasway to Sodere village (120 km, 2½hrs). Sodere is popular because of the natural spa that has therapeutic power. Peoples enjoy the bath in the swimming pool two of which have international standard service including camping.

Awash National Park

The park spans with an area of 827 holding large distribution of wild animals & more than 300 specious of birds known by ornithologists. Scouts are mandatory to protect a visitor from the wild animals and nomadic tribes of Afar living inside the park. It is strictly forbidden to cross the park without a vehicle. The waterfall of Awash river in which the park got its name crates unforgettable memory of smokes from the gorge & hot spring.

Harar walled city / Sunrise City

Have you ever seen people feeding hyena wild animals by hands?

Harar city is located in Eastern Ethiopia you want to try feeding hyena by hand like the locals. Don’t be scared! In Harar not only the people but also the animals are very friendly. Harar city is surrounded by walls like the China wall founded by a muslim sultanate to protect the city from the enemies: the expansion movement of the Christian Kingdom of northern Ethiopia. The city has five gates. Inside the walled city live the Harari people. They seem more Arabic in face color and Semitic, close to Amharic in language.

You are correct if you expect dozens of Mosques in the city but it is unbelievable to see a Christian church in the center of the Jegol, Muslim houses. It is one of the evidences that indicates Ethiopia is a country Muslims and Christians live in harmony. Other examples can be manifested as Muslims are paying salary for priests of this church and in other Muslim dominated regions in the country and also Christians help and vice versa. In your stay in Harar it is becoming common to visit the Harar beer factory its beer brewed from pure water that falls from a nearby mountain Hakim Gara. The French poet Arthur Rambo house is visible in the center of the Jegol.

Short trips from Harar to Babile animals sanctuary

After your city tour of the walled city and Jegol of Harar and the night shows of feeding hyena the trip to Babile elephant sanctuary is interesting to be accomplished in a day trip. Babile is the name of the place the mineral water Babile is bottled. On your hiking in the park and Gara mountain, drinking Babile, you may want to remember another time Babilie comes from the Bubbles of the water but it is not.

Short trips to Harerge coffee farms and volunteer jobs

Even though coffee plantations are now substituted by Chat a cash crop, Coffee of Harar is exported to foreign countries like other coffee growing regions of the country. Coffee plantations can be seen on the way to east Ethiopia from west |Hararge to all neighboring towns and villages of East hararge. identify Coffee trees are bigger than Chat trees in one farm….Despite the fact that water is pumped to Harer from Diredawa ,Shortage of Water is a demerit of living in Harar . There are Water projects NGOs are working in the area and you can help farmers living on coffee farms.

Tour highlights

Country: Ethiopia

Start city: Addis Ababa

Nearest airport: Addis Ababa Bole International Airport

Duration: 2 days

Available for: Students,Adults,Seniors

Guide speaks: English
* Other languages possible on request

  • Awash
  • Harar
  • Animals sanctuary
  • Coffe farms
  • Nature

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