Surma Trekking – Upper Omo Valley Tribes Tour 7 days

Coffee growing towns, coffee & tea plantations, forests from Addis to Jimma, Mizan Teferi, Kibish, and Surma tribes are the highlights of this West Ethiopia tour. It is the only accessible way to see the Upper Omo Valley tribes on the way see scenery, mountain, rivers, tribes body paints, Dunga stick fights.

Day 1 Gurage & Gelgel Gibe Dam

Drive to Jimma passing through Wolkite and observing the Gurage ethnic group and the Gelgel Gibe Dam en route, visit the coffee pot in the afternoon, palace and tomb of Abajifar the famous father of Jimma.

Overnight: Jimma – hotel

Day 2 Coffee plantation & Kefecho, Yem, Bench tribes

Drive to Mizan Teferri, visiting the Bebeka coffee plantation and coffee grow wild inside passing the densely forest, see the Kefecho, Yem and Bench ethnic groups.

Overnight: Mizan Teferri – hotel

Day 3 Tulgit & Kibish

Drive to Kibish stop at the little town of Dimma for lunch. Pass the small Surma’s village of Tulgit and we drive to Kibish. On the way visit the Menit, Yem and the Dizi tribes.

Overnight: Kibish – camping

Day 4 Surma trekking

Full day trekking, driving, walking in the village of Surma tribes and others in the surrounding. Surma tribes are known for their Dunga and fighting with stick.

Overnight: Kibish – camping

Day 5 Mizan Teferi & Dima

Then drive the same way back to Mizan Teferi via Dima town revising the Menit, Yem and the Dizi tribes of Upper Omo Valley.

Overnight: Mizan Teferri – hotel

Day 6 Jimma

Drive back to Jimma from Mizan Teferi. Again in the village of Kefecho, Yem and Bench ethnic groups and pass through the dense forest of coffee and tea. Stop there to buy the Ethiopian tea sachets green tea.

Overnight: Jimma – hotel

Day 7 Jimma - Addis Ababa

Drive back to Addis from Jimma and after shoping in Addis in the afternoon attend Ethiopian traditional food, drink with Ethiopian music at cultural restaurant with Afro Ethiopia tours manager.

Overnight: Addis Ababa – hotel

Tour highlights

Country: Ethiopia

Duration: 7 days

Available for: Adults

Guide speaks: English
* Other languages possible on request

Our clients say:

This was out first visit to Addis Ababa. The city is very busy but with the great service from Meklit, we were given a great tour of the city.
In particular we asked for a food tour in Addis Ababa e she perfectly guided us into merkato and other many local restaurant!
She also hosted us in her home to make us tried the best injera in all the city!
( her mom's one).

Great experience,
We will never forget!

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