South Ethiopia: Wildlife and Cultural Tour 12 days

2 national parks, Rift Valley region, 8 lakes full of endemic animals and bird life, trekking on the second highest Bale Mountains, the amazing Omo Valley tribes, archeological sites dating back to 1.5 million years old etc are included in this unique trip to Ethiopia wildlife and culture.

Day 1 Melka Kunture - Tiya Stelae - Arba Minch

Drive to Arba Minch via Butajira road visiting Awash Melka Kunture archeological sites and Tiya Stelae fields (UNESCO Heritage Site) in which more than 30 stones said to have been erected million years ago.

Overnight: Arba Minch - hotel

Day 2 Nech Ser NP - Arba Minch

Morning excursion to Nech Sar National Park to see zebra and birds and in the afternoon boat ride on Lake Chamo to see crocodiles, hippo and aquatic animals.

Over night: Arba Minch - hotel

Day 3 Konso - Turmi

Drive to Turmi via Konso village. Admire the terrace making habit of the Konso tribe whose place is registered by UNESCO as the 9th world heritage for Ethiopia. Visit Waka making in Macheke village and perm culture farm at Strawberry fields in Karat - Konso where Afro Ethiopia helps tourist who want to volunteer to find charity work.

Over night: Turmi – hotel

Day 4 Omorate - Dassanech - Hammer

Half day excursion to Kenya border to Omorate to visit the Geleb/ Dassench tribe, after lunch break return back to visit one Hammer village. May attend the bull jumping ceremony that is a rite of passage from child hood to adult hood by the Hammer boys and Hameri girls show stoic allegiance whipping their back if their man fails to jump successfully.

Overnight: Turmi – hotel

Day 5 Karo - Dimeka - Jinka

Drive to Jinka via Dimeka/Karo viewing the tribes white painting their bodies take pics of many tribes greeting you on the street.
Overnight: Jinka – hotel

Day 6 Mago National Park - Jinka

Drive to Mago National Park to see the best celebrity tribes: Mursi in the morning known by the girls inserting clay plates in their lips, wait if there comes the usual elephant among the wild animals in the Mago National Park and return at night to Jinka.

Overnight: Jinka – hotel

Day 7 Key Afar - Yabello

Drive back to Konso via Keyafer and turn to Yabello from Konso, to see the Wildlife Sanctuary and specially bird life in Yabello.

Overnight: Yabello – hotel

Day 8 El Sod - Dilla - Butajira - Awassa

Morning drive to El Sod to see traditional salt extraction and continue to drive to luch in Dilla, to finish the Stelae fields that scattered from Butajira road up to here. Why Ethiopians were making this enrouts?

Overnight: Awassa – hotel

Day 9 Lake Awassa - Bale Mountains NP - Dinsho

Early morning head to Lake Awassa, attend fishing, birds and visit the fish market. Continue driving to Dinsho head quarter of Bale Mountains National Park in the afternoon, afternoon trekking around the compound to see the endemic antelope Mountain Nyala, Menilk Bush back and other endemic birds.

Overnight: Dinsho – camping or guest house

Day 10 Goba - Tulu Dimtu - Sanetti

Descend from the mountain and drive to Goba town, on the same day the car drive take you to the top of the second highest mountain, climb up to Tulu Dimtu highest point in Bale Mountains NP.

Overnight: Sanetti – camping

Day 11 Goba - Wendo Genet - Shashemene

Drive from Goba to Wendo Genet, see the forests, herbs, good value for traditional medicines and immerse yourself in the natural spa inside the forests, relax from muscle cramp of trekking the previous days.

Overnight: Shashemene – hotel

Day 12 Abiata-Shalla NP - Addis Ababa

Drive in to Abyata Shala park known for ostrich farm, pelicans, and flamingo birds on the Lake Shala and the wild animals Greater Kudu, Antelope, Warthog etc and then drive back to Addis Ababa in the afternoon, go shopping and end the visit in Ethiopia attending Ethiopian cultural music & traditional food and drink at Yod Abyssinia traditional restaurant close to the airport in Addis Ababa.

Overnight: Addis Ababa – hotel

Tour highlights

Country: Ethiopia

Duration: 12 days

Available for: Students,Adults,Seniors

Guide speaks: English
* Other languages possible on request

  • Tiya Stelae
  • Omo Valley
  • Wildlife
  • Nature
  • Konso
  • Trekking

Our clients say:

My tour with with Afro Ethiopia Tour was outstanding!! My guide, Meki, in Addis Ababa was wonderful. She was very attentive, accommodating and knowledgeable about the history of the sites we visited in Addis. I spent the whole day with Meki and thoroughly enjoyed the tour. I was so impressed with her service that I asked that she put me in contact with someone from her company who was able to plan a tour of Lalibela. That's when I met another guide, Taddesse. Taddesse was also excellent. I spent 2 days with Taddesse visiting all of the rock-hewn churches and other historic sites in Lalibela. Like Meki, Taddesse was very accommodating, knowledgeable and extremely courteous. All in all, my trip with Afro Ethiopia Tour company was fabulous. I could not have made a better choice. I highly recommend Afro Tours!!
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