Gambela Wildlife and Omo Valley Tribes Trekking Tour 14 days

Ethiopia's ecology in this adventure trip provided by Exploriada are extensively exposed to wild animals, tempting landscapes, rivers and Surma tribes known for stick fighting, Nuer and Anuak tribes in Gambela National Park close to Sudan.

Instead of driving the first two days in the land of Oromo people you can take air plane flight to get to Gambella region from Addis Ababa and visit the national park. This is a loop connecting lower and upper Omo Valley regions.

Day 1 Oromo

Drive to the beautiful green Welega province of Oromo people. The scenery, traditional way of living farming can be seen on the way.

Overnight: Nekempte – hotel

Day 2 Dedesa & Metu

Continue the drive to Metu, on crossing the famous River of Dedesa and in Dedesa Forest you may be lucky to listen to lion roaring and monkeys hindering your way. Stop at Bedele town known for Bedele beer factory for lunch and continue the trip to the local tribes of Metu area.

Overnight: Metu – hotel

Day 3 Gore & Gambela NP

Drive to Gambella from Metu. After Gore town admire the natural forest of Western Ethiopia and enter to Gambela resisting the hot weather of the region.

Overnight: Gambela – hotel

Day 4 Gambela NP

Full day excursion and visit in Gembella National Park and the widest bridge over Baro river. Identify the two main tribes Nuer and Anuak in the region of which the latter has horizontal lines strips on the head.

Overnight: Gambella – hotel

Day 5 Mizan Teferi & tea plantation

Drive to Mizan Teferi via the famous tea plantation and indigenous natural forests. On the way visit Menit, Yem and the Dizi tribes.

Overnight: Mizan Teferi – hotel

Day 6 Coffee plantation, Menit & Surma tribes

Further driving to the west from Mizan Teferi through Bebeka coffee plantation which is Ethiopia’s largest old coffee plantation. On the way visit Menit tribe. After crossing Akobo River you experience the African savanna grasslands. After having lunch in Jimma village, go to the small Surma village of Tulgit and drive to Kibish. And hiking to the nearby Surma tribes next to your camping site.

Overnight: Kibish – camping

Day 7 Magolagne & Kolu

Today is full day of trekking to Magolagne and Kolu. The whole trip with the help of car driving takes 8 hours. At the first stop during lunch break one can taste the powerful natural mineral water in Magolagne. It is another day to see the stick fighting tribes of Surma.

Overnight: Kolu – camping

Day 8 Yella & Omo National Park

This is the last day in the Upper Omo Valley region. In the morning further trek to Yella which is founded on a hilly top that one can see the panoramic view of the Omo National Park. The trekking duration on this day is eight to nine hours.

Overnight: Yella – camping

Day 9 Omo NP & game watching

Enter to the Omo National Park headquarter after trekking three to four hours from Yella. And ready for game watching including elephant herds.

Overnight: Omo NP headquarter – camping

Day 10 Omo River & Mago NP

Drive to Omo River passing some game on the way, cross the river on canoe or by swimming, and arriving at the other end, you will be welcomed by your drivers, from here drive to the Mago National Park to camp for the night. See at least elephant herds.

Overnight: Mago – camping

Day 11 Hammer & Karo tribes

Driving for the second day in the Lower Omo Valley region to Turmi village of Hammer tribes passing through the Karo tribes known for white body paintings and Murulle village.

Overnight: Turmi – hotel

Day 12 Dassanech tribe

Half day excursion to Omorate to visit the Geleb/ Dassanech tribe, after lunch break return back to visit one Hammer village.

Overnight: Turmi – hotel

Day 13 Konso tribe & Arba Minch

Drive in the direction of Arbore and Weyto to go to Arba Minch. On the way visit the Konso village of Mecheke to see their Waka statue art and the terrace making over the mountains in Konso. It is a town registered by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

Overnight: Arba Minch – hotel

Day 14 Dorze & Addis Ababa

Drive to Addis Ababa after early morning visit Chencha Dorze village. Dorze ethinic group is known for weaving Shema/toga from cotton and their special waist dance that can be seen in any of traditional clubs in Addis Ababa at night with songs of other regions. Farwell party dinner in Addis Ababa.

Overnight: Addis Ababa – hotel

Tour highlights

Country: Ethiopia

Duration: 14 days

Available for: Students,Adults,Seniors

Guide speaks: English
* Other languages possible on request

  • Gambela
  • Omo Valley
  • Tea plantation
  • Surma
  • Coffee plantation
  • Konso
  • Hammer
  • Dorze

Our clients say:

My husband and I were in Addis for four days and we contacted several tour companies to look for a one-day Addis city tour. The Afro Ethiopia team were very responsive and easy to work with. Our tour guide, Meki was very nice, knowledgeable and accommodating. We had a great time and would definitely recommend the company and Meki as well!
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