Bale Mountains Trekking and Abiata-Shalla Wildlife Tour 8 days

Acacia trees, lakes of Rift Valley region, Shashemene town of the Rastafarian community, Abiata-Shalla National Park and the easiest second highest Bale Mountains trekking, horse riding on Dodola, the endemic Mountain Nyala, Menilk Bushbuck and other endemic birds are the highlights of this trekking and wildlife trip to southern Ethiopia.

Day 1 Debre Zeyit

Drive 50 km to Debre Zeyit town, visit the 5 lakes sarounding the city. Have breakfast and drive to 5 hours to Shashemene town of Rastafarians Caribbean community. Visit the Lion of Judah museum and chapel.

Overnight: Shashemene – hotel

Day 2 Bale Mountains NP

Continue driving to Dinsho head quarter of Bale Mountain National Park, in the late afternoon trek around the compound to see the endemic Mountain Nyala, Menilk Bush back and other endemic birds.

Overnight: Dinsho – camping or guest house.

Day 3 Bale Mountains NP - Fugnan Bira Waterfalls - Kotare

Trekking climb some 3200 meter above sea level from Dinsho to Kotare Mountain and further trekking for some 5 hours reach Fugnan Bira Waterfalls.

Overnight: Kotare – camping

Day 4 Kotare - Wassama

Trek from Kotare to Wassama, which is about 4000 meters above sea level. After 6 hours of hiking watching trees like lobela, jibra base in a camp at Wassema.

Overnight: Wassema – camping

Day 5 Wassema - Gebre Guracha - Batu

On this day you after 8 hours trekking from Wassema you arrive at Gebre Guracha that means black water and it is because of an alpine lake on the top of the mountain passing by Batu Mount possibly observe Ethiopian endemic wolf

Overnight: Batu – camping

Day 6 Sanetii Plateau - Goba

On this last day you descend in about 4 hours of trekking from the highest to Sanetii plateau to meet the car on the way observe Ethiopian wolf, brids like lammergeyer then late afternoon drive to Goba in Bale.

Overnight: Goba – hotel

Day 7 Goba - Shashemene - Wendo Genet

Drive back to Shashemene from Goba. On the way visit Wendo Genet forest and the thermal bath inside and swim as it is said to have cure muscle cramps, illness.

Overnight: Wendo Genet – hotel

Day 8 Abyata-Shalla NP - Addis Ababa

Drive in to Abyata Shala National Park known for ostrich farm, pelicans and flamingo birds on the Lake Shala and the wild animals greater kudu, antelope, warthog etc and then in the afternoon drive back to Addis Ababa, go shopping and end the visit in Ethiopia attending Ethiopian cultural music & traditional food and drink at Yod Abyssinia traditional restaurant close to the airport in Addis Ababa.

Overnight: Addis Ababa – hotel

Tour highlights

Country: Ethiopia

Duration: 8 days

Available for: Adults

Guide speaks: English
* Other languages possible on request

Our clients say:

This was out first visit to Addis Ababa. The city is very busy but with the great service from Meklit, we were given a great tour of the city.
In particular we asked for a food tour in Addis Ababa e she perfectly guided us into merkato and other many local restaurant!
She also hosted us in her home to make us tried the best injera in all the city!
( her mom's one).

Great experience,
We will never forget!

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